Helping Readers & Writers at Home

Helping Readers & Writers at Home

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Activities to Do with Your Child at Home
1. Read or look at books, magazines, or the newspaper with your child. Talk about what you looked at or read.

2. Visit the library and take out books and magazines to read at home.

3. Tell stories together about books, about your family, and about things that you do.

4. Talk about pictures in catalogs, advertisements, and other mail.

5. Provide a model for your child by reading and writing at a time when your child can see you.

6. Point to print outside, such as road signs and names of stores

7. Write your child's name and talk about it as you write.

8. Point out print in your home such as words on food boxes or recipes, directions on medicine, or instructions on things that require assembly.

9. Visit the post office, supermarket, and zoo. Talk about what you saw. When you get home, draw and write about it.

10. Leave a note for your child. Write lists together such as food lists, lists of errands, and lists for holiday shopping.

Suggestions for Fostering Positive Attitudes toward Reading and Writing


1. Reward your child's attempts at reading and writing, even if they are not perfect, by offering praise. Say kind words like, "What nice work you do"; "I'm happy to see you are reading"; I'm happy to see you are writing. Can I help you?"

2. Answer your child's questions about reading and writing.

3. Be sure that reading and writing are enjoyable experiences.

4. Display your child's work in your home.

5. Try to visit school when your child asks. Try to volunteer to help at school or attend school functions if possible.