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Christopher Robins to Pooh:
"Promise me you'll always remember, You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."
"Work works wonders!"
"We learn by practice."
Hello 2022-23 Fourth Graders & families,
Welcome to our "classroom family's" web page!!

This school year, your student will experience a lot of new learning across the curriculum with our fourth grade classroom family in room 123.  Although academics are the ultimate in your child's school experience, learning is not isolated to academics alone.  Education needs to focus on the "whole child," socially, and emotionally.  Some Social development themes are perseverance, readiness, compassion, empathy, KINDNESS, courage, gratitude..  The fourth graders will work diligently on being prepared for all they are accountable for, such as their class assignments, homework, being ready by remembering to come to school prepared with assignment book, school to home folder, instruments, lunch, snack, etc.

Students will be working with me one-on-one, individually, in small groups, and whole class groups, based on each student's individual level or need, within all subject areas.  Data considered for me to better "coach" your child is obtained from Connecticut standardized results, pre & post assessments, DRAs, daily work, Reading & Writing journals, completed homework and observations.  This allows for individual student differentiation and rigorous instruction for rigorous learning as well as instilling stamina, perseverance and a positive, "can do" approach to learning.  In addition, conferencing with individual students regarding such areas as Math strategies, Writing skills,  Reading fluency & comprehension allows me to give each student direct, individual feedback for higher expectations.
Language Arts includes reading, writing, speaking, spelling, and cursive penmanship.
In reading students are coached to improve their fluency, read with better comprehension by re-reading for meaning, close reading, interpreting, reflecting, and comprehensive written responses.
Students will be further exposed to different genres of literature, character traits, and forms of speech (similes, metaphors, alliterations, etc.)  Some of the genres we will delve into are fiction (classical and current), non-fiction (also known as informational text), poetry, traditional literature (fables, myths, etc.), auto-biographies/biographies.  
Students are immersed in writing with stamina, focusing on narratives, expository/explanatory reports, memoirs, biographical reports, fables, and poetry.
Students are exposed to author's craft, well written sentences, well developed paragraphs, writing with detail and description, identifying main ideas and supporting details, as well as the elements of a multi-paragraph essay. 

Math includes critical and creative problem solving (CCPS), focusing on math vocabulary, and fluency in basics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.   Multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and long division are also taught as fourth grade curriculum.  Rounding, estimation, geometry, measurement, fractions, and decimals are further units of fourth grade study.
All areas of Math will be introduced and enforced through the Bridges Math program. 

The primary focus for fourth grade Social Studies are the geographical regions of the United States.  We will begin with focusing on geographical vocabulary, how to read maps, The history of settlements within each region will address how our country came to be, the first people here, the early settlers, and the impact Connecticut and other region has had (and has) on United States history.

Science units include the plant life, forces and motion, energy, and water cycle.


I am delighted to be a part of your child's journey through his or her education, working with your child, and each of you to coach her or him through fourth grade to be the best he or she can be.
Your attention, interest, and assistance with your child's education is greatly appreciated.

As your child's fourth grade teacher, my primary focus as we begin this journey together is for the safety and well being of each student.  It never ceases to amaze me how far our journey takes us together as a "classroom family," making the 10 months we have together literally fly by.  
No matter how we proceed this year, try to be on the look out throughout our months together for more exciting learning experiences your child will be involved in.  For me it is a gift to celebrate each individual student's perseverance, growth and development, while he or she is metamorphosing into a fifth grader.

In Room 123, we have compassion and empathy for one another, we responsibly respect and advocate for each member of our "classroom family" as we individually are prepared and ready to persevere with persistence to be the best we can be.

Handle with Care

If your family is experiencing difficulties

at home, I would like to provide 

additional support at school.

I understand that you are not always 

able to share details and that is okay.

If your child is coming to school after a difficult night, morning or weekend,

simply email me “HANDLE WITH CARE.”

Nothing else will be said or asked.

This will let me know that your child may 

need extra time, patience, or help 

during the day here at school.



- a backpack or book bag - large enough for a school assigned chromebook
- 1 BOX OF 
- 1 BOX OF 16 or 24 CRAYONS
- 2 BOXES OF TISSUES (for the classroom throughout the year)
A HEALTHY DAILY SNACK - this is a necessity EVERY DAY

  ***FINALLY and of utmost importance:
- the awareness that you "CAN DO IT" to be the  best YOU can be!

- A SMILE  ~ I'm always here to "coach" you
- OH!  Don't forget your Governor's Summer Reading Challenge list

Each student's "responsibility" for Homework is one half hour of reading every day, including Sat & Sun.

"IXL" online, math homework will be assigned for practice and is expected to be complete ~ "We learn by practice."
If your student is unable to access the internet, please send a note in to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that I can make arrangements for your child.

Right now, depending on how we proceed, all other homework will be assigned on a day to day basis and placed in their school to home folder or assigned to be completed on line. 
Any written homework should be placed in the "Return to School" pocket of their school to home folder.  Each student is responsible to return their completed daily homework whether written on paper or on line, again paper assignments should be in their school to home folder.
It is extremely important that your child complete regularly assigned IXL Math homework to assist them in practicing math skills & strategies for mastery, as well as independently accessing the IXL Math program for practice.  I am able to track their progress with new concepts and strategies through this program.

Room 123 Mantras:
"Can't does NOT live here!"  

PLEASE be sure to check your child's "SCHOOL TO HOME" folder daily (and your child's assignment book) for daily homework assignments, notices, permission slips, etc. (Such as picture day, book fair, notes from the nurse, reading specialists, etc.).  Also, please be sure your child arrives at school each day with their "SCHOOL TO HOME" folder (to place homework and any notices in for home).  The "SCHOOL TO HOME" folder greatly assists your child to be responsible and organized and acts as a helpful means for me to know items are getting home to you.

THANK YOU in advance!!

A Day - ART - 8:40-9:25 Try not to wear your best clothing

Please remember to wear SNEAKERS!

C Day - FLES - 8:40-9:25

D Day - MUSIC - 8:40-9:25
LIBRARY - to be announced

CHORUS - to be announced

- Your student needs to be sure to wear sneakers every B day for Physical Education
- Also, students should not wear their best clothing on A day for Art.  
- It will be your child's responsibility to have their DRES library book on D days when Library is scheduled to renew or exchange their book(s).

For those students in band,
it is be your child's responsibility to have their instruments every day that is scheduled for their lessons, calls home are time consuming, and extremely interruptive. 
There may be exceptions, however, often the forgotten instrument (or library book) becomes a regular habit, requiring calls home and visits to the office.
The DRES daily social development pledge includes being
responsible, prepared, and respectful.

Parents, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE and interest in your child's journey as a successful 4th grade student, being the best he or she can be.  "It takes a village to raise and educate a child."   I am honored and privileged to be a team partner in your child's academic development.  Therefore, I, as a professional, appreciate our communication in working together for your child to be the best she or he can be.

Contact me at:  [email protected]
If I do not reply PLEASE send a note in with your child as your email either went into the "JUNK" mailbox (which I do NOT look at & if so, I WILL resolve) or it wasn't delivered, which I need to know about in order to resolve. 
Thank you, Miss Celotto