School Cancelation, Delay/Early Dismissal
Alert Now-Region 4 Schools now participate in the Alert Now system. Each parent can sign up for the system through PowerSchool. The Alert Now system automatically telephones parents in the event of an emergency or special announcements. Parents submit phone numbers to be entered into the system. Work etensions cannot be entered. The Alert Now then calls each parent with a programmed message. The system also allows for a message to be sent to parent e-mail addresses. In the event of severe or unusual weather conditions, the Superintendent of Schools may decide to delay the opening of school, close school early, or cancel school. School announcements are list as Regional School District #4. The following radio and television stations will be contacted: Radio/WCNX(1150 AM), WLIS (1420 AM), WDRC (1360 AM & 1029 FM), WTIC (1080 AM & 96.5 FM), Television/ WFSB (Channel 3), WTNH (Channel 8), WVIT (Channel 30).

Make up Policy: The school calendar allows for nine emergency days throughout the school year. If the number of cancelled days exceeds nine, then days will be taken from the spring vacation.