Miss Pitney
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Welcome to Miss Pitney's
6th Grade Class

Incoming Students
2017-2018 Supply List

Please come to school on the first day with a list of a few books you’ve read this summer, as well as an independent reading book.  In addition, pack a healthy morning snack.  All sixth grade students are asked to bring the following supplies to school:

  • 5 hard cover composition books
  • 1 boxes of tissues to share with the class
  • 1 pack of pencils (I suggest mechanical pencils, Paper Mate Sharpwriter pencils are my favorite, but any will do)
  • 1 4-pack of pens (blue or red)
  • 1 highlighter
  • 1 3-ring binder (I suggest 2 inch—any larger and it won’t fit in your desk!)
  • 1 pencil case (preferably soft-sided with holes, to keep in your binder)
  • 1 5-pack of divider tabs
  • 1 square of Post-It notes
  • 1 8-pack of colored pencils

Any additional school supplies you wish to bring (like lined paper or a ruler) are welcome, but not necessary.

Remember to...

At the beginning of the 2016-2017 year our class watched a Kid President video about being more awesome! Kid president posed a question:
What can you do to #bemoreawesome?

Our class came up with a list of things we can do each day to make our community more awesome.

-always believe in yourself and try your best
-donating money to important funds around the world
-being nice to everyone that I meet
-bringing in tissues every day
-including everyone in a game, never leaving anyone behind
-getting my assignments done and returned on time
-participating and volunteering to help others
-being respectful to others
-being nice
-playing with my sister even if I don't want to
-understanding that you don't need to be right all the time; let things go!
-trying new things
-always being a good sport without any arguments
-cooperating with teachers, students, teammates, friends and family
-including everyone
-helping people who need help and being nice
-working on cars more
-overcoming a fear
-being polite
-helping someone out
-complimenting someone
-doing my homework, helping around the house, helping to make dinner, being nice, and NO bullying
-by making people smile
-by being myself!




Remember to bring a hearty, healthy snack for our mid-morning break. Our recess begins at 12:30 and we eat lunch at 1:00.

The school's lunch menu and rotation schedule, as well as the district calendar, can be found on the DRES or Region 4 websites.

IXL Math and Typing Pal can be accessed through the DRES site under "Student Resources."

Please click on "Useful Links" at the left to access newsletters from Room 202 that have been sent home.