Writing/Fine Motor Activities

 Writing and drawing occurs daily in Kindergarten. Your child will be asked to write and draw in journals, create lists, make self-portraits, respond to literature, generate ideas for a story, create a story with a beginning, middle, and end, as well as create poems.  

At home, daily practice with letter formation is essential!  Create a writing station at home for your child complete with a variety of different size paper, envelopes, pencils, stickers, crayons, stapler, etc.   This will give them the tools to know that writing has a purpose.  

Ideas to encourage your child to write at home:

Make your own Thank You, Birthday, Get Well cards to family and friends.

When grocery shopping, have your child write their own shopping list.

Have your child draw a picture and write about a special trip or visit by family and friends.

Ask your child to write about what they know: favorite animals, family trips, activities with friends, sports, or daily experiences.


* Coloring

* Cutting with scissors

* Playdough

* Squeezing stress balls

* Climbing on the playground

* Legos

* Beading

* Arts-n-Craft projects