We focus on several areas in mathematicsthroughout the year.   As you go about your daily routines, “talk math”all the time.  

These are some of the areas that we will befocusing on throughout the year.

*Counting orally from 1-100 as well as by 2’s, 5’s,and 10’s

*Counting objects from 1-30 (one to onecorrespondence)

*Creating patterns


*Calendar (Months, Days of the Week, Seasons,Weather)


*2-D and 3-D Shape Recognition

*Interpreting graphs

*Math Facts for addition and subtraction with sums up to 5
(ex: 2 + 2,  5 + 0,  2 +3)


Usefull Math Link

(use your user name and password provided by your child's teacher to track your progress)  This can be used on your personal computer or download the FREE app on your ipad.