Summer Information
In Preparation for Fourth Grade in Mrs. Vicino's Class...

What Should You Do to Prepare for Fourth Grade?
Read!- Fourth grade is a big year for reading!  Take time this summer to enjoy reading.  Did you know you don't have to read just books? Look for other forms of literature that you enjoy reading, how about a magazine or comic book?  There are also plenty of websites that offer interesting articles to read. Here are a few of my favorites:

Write! We will also do a lot of writing in third grade.  Like reading, we will be working with both fiction and non-fiction.  Over the summer, try keeping a journal of all the fun things you are doing- it will be great to look back at in a few years!  You can write comic strips, plays, or stories to share with your friends and family. 

Don't Forget Math!  Check out my math page for fun games to keep you fluent in your fact fluency.  We're going to expand our understanding of multiplication, division, and fractions next school year so knowing your facts will be very important!

What Supplies Should You Bring on the First Day? 

Pencils- We never seem to have enough.  Try to keep a constant supply throughout the year

Pencil Sharpener- Every year I buy a new (expensive) pencil sharpener and every year it seems to break midway through the year because of mis-use.  A good hand pencil sharpener with a container that holds the shavings is 

Colored Pencils- We use colored pencils for almost all projects that require illustrating.  There is no need for markers or crayons.  

Sticky Notes- We use these throughout the year to share ideas.  Students also love them as bookmarks.

Ruler- With Centimeters and Inches

Pencil Box- The hard plastic type seem to work best and help to cut down on lost items.

Scissors and a Glue Stick- I try to supply these, but every year my supplies diminish.  It would be helpful to have your own.  Write your name on yours.