Zoo Information- Persuasive unit

Third grade is a critical year for reading.  There is a huge transition into higher level comprehension skills, independence and ownership.  

We use a Reader’s Workshop model where students are able to independently choose they feel are “just right” books for them.  In addition to independent reading books, they will have reading group books that will be used for small group instruction.  Third graders also participate in Reader’s Theater, helping to increase both fluency and vocabulary knowledge.  

When you read with your child, here are some questions you might ask to ensure and further their understanding

Determining Importance in Fiction and Non Fiction-

What is the author telling us?  

What is the main idea? What are the supporting details?

What is this MOSTLY about?



What can you figure out?

What are the characters feeling and how do you know?

Why did the characters make that choice?

Is the author trying to tell you something?  What is the author’s message?

Can you determine the meaning of unknown words?

Making Connections-

How can you use past experiences and background knowledge to help you better understand the story or article?

How can you use your knowledge of what is happening in the world to help you better understand the story or article?

How can you use other pieces of text you’ve read to help you better understand the story or article? 

Asking Questions-

What are you wondering while you read? 

What are you trying to solve? 

How does asking questions make you want to read further? 

Synthesizing Information-

How is your thinking changing as you read? 

What new information are you getting as you continue reading, how does that effect your overall thinking about what is happening in the story or article? 

Creating Mental Images-

How do the author’s words help us to create a mental image of what is happening in the story? 

How do past experiences combine with the author’s words to help us picture the story in our heads? 

What is the movie in your mind? 

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