Mrs. Oliver

            Welcome to Mrs. Oliver's First Grade!

    Special Class Schedule:

A Day:  Library
B Day:  P.E.
C Day:  Music
D Day:  Art

    Social Development Themes for 2017-2018

September/October    Citizenship and Cooperation

November/December   Compassion and Kindness

January/February   Responsibility and Making Good Choices

March    Being Prepared and Perseverance

April   Respect and Caring

May   Friendship and Acceptance

We are all part of the DRES community working toward the common goal of learning and growing together.  Throughout the year, we will discuss the Code of Conduct as we work to promote a classroom learning environment that is respectful, safe, and caring.

* Kindly refer to my monthly newsletters and weekly email blasts for important dates and happenings in our class.