Mrs. Kingston

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         Welcome to Our New Classroom Family!
I am so excited to start our third grade adventure together! I hope you have a wonderful summer! I look forward to writing you a welcome letter and telling you a little about myself and all about third grade fun!
   I have posted a list of school supplies needed for third grade. Many of our supplies will be provided for us, but here is a list of personal supplies you may like to have, and will find very helpful.

- small box of crayons for illustration our stories, poems and books
- small package of markers for projects where you may prefer to use markers
- one or two glue sticks
- a few extra pencils and a good eraser
- one small three ring binder for use as a poetry notebook and a resource notebook (This would be very much appreciated.)
- two boxes of tissues, if possible. (We use them!) :)
- a hard pencil case for supplies
- one or two green pens for editing and revising (I am happy to provide these.)​
- 3x3 post it notes for Readers Workshop
- tab dividers with tabs for labeling (no more than 6 needed)
- one composition notebook for science

Whatever you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! 
Don't forget your summer reading challenge. The lists were handed out at the end of the school year and will be collected during the first few weeks of school! It is so fun to celebrate your summer reading. It can be one title or more! 

We are going to go on a wonderful third grade adventure together! Let's bloom together! Have a great summer!

Mrs. Kingston