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 August 4, 2014

 Dear Deep River Families,

 Safety is a top priority for all of us at Deep River Elementary School. To improve upon our efforts to make our school as safe as possible, we will be making adjustments to our arrival and dismissal procedures.  These changes will be in place at the start of the 2014 – 2015 school year.  Please take a moment to read through and familiarize yourself with the procedures outlined below.

 Parent Drop-Offs for Arrival to School – Half Circle on River Street

  • Parents will now drive up to the school using the half circle drive on River Street to drop off their children.  Cars should pull up as far as possible on the right curb only. No cars may enter on the left side.  Children shall exit the car on the side closest to the curb. Parents are to remain in their car.  Cars are not to be left unattended in the half circle. Staff will be stationed outside during arrival to greet students as they exit their cars and walk into the school.

    Parent Drop-Offs and Pick-Ups During School Hours, including Volunteers & Visitors

    Main Office Entrance by back parking lots 

  • If a child is being dropped off after the start of school, the child must be accompanied by their parent.  They will need to be “buzzed” in through the main office entrance and signed in by their parent. 
  • If you are picking up your child during the school day, you will need to ring the bell to be “buzzed” in through the main office entrance.  Parents must then come to the office to sign their child out.  When a parent is returning their child to school following an outside appointment, they will also need to ring the bell to be “buzzed” in through the main office entrance.  The parent must then sign their child in.  Their child will be provided with a pass to return to class.
  • Visitors will only be allowed to enter through the main office entrance.  All visitors to the school must ring the bell to be buzzed in through the main office entrance.  Using the outside intercom, visitors will be asked for their name and purpose for visiting the school.  Visitors will go directly to the office to sign-in.  They will be asked to leave their driver’s license or an acceptable form of identification with the office staff.  Visitors will then be provided with a visitor lanyard.  Visitor identification will be returned when the lanyard is returned to the office staff.

Parent Pick-ups for Dismissal

Half Circle on River Street

  • To ensure the safety of students as they leave, no cars will be permitted in the half-circle during dismissal. Parents should park in a legal parking area and proceed to the half-circle.  A staff member will release students to their parents from the River Street doorway.  Parents will not be permitted inside. 
  • If you are coming to the school at the end of the school day for a scheduled meeting, we ask that you enter at the main office door by the back parking lots and follow our visitor sign-in procedures.


Main Office Entrance by back parking lots

  • All students who are walking home must provide a note to the office.  For students who will be walking all year, a single note is sufficient.
  • Student walkers will be dismissed by a staff member on duty and will exit from the main office door. 
  • Walking shall not be used as an alternative to bypass parent pick-up procedures, i.e., student walkers walking to the south parking lot to be picked up by a car.

These changes are being implemented to increase the safety of our students and staff as well as maximize their instructional time during our school day.  We appreciate your cooperation as we adapt to them.  If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact me.


Christian J. Strickland, Principal      
Ruth Levy Ed.D., Superintendent